As Lisa draws with an X-ACTO knife into hard boards covered in clay and ink, complex designs magically appear. 

Lisa's parents traveled the world collecting fine art. She attributes her love of detailed smaller works to her Father’s favorite painting, a portrait of an old woman. She remembers him putting her on his lap and handing her a magnifying glass. Suddenly a whole new world opened up, one filled with intricate details, textures and colors. 

This is when she first realized that art was important.

Lisa discovered Scratchboards while undergoing a cancer diagnosis in 2006. The idea that adversity teaches us to turn the negative into a positive is a great analogy for transforming these black boards into thriving works of art. 

Her years spent as a graphic designer and art director continue to feed her passion for the fundamentals of design. She is acutely aware of their presence in nature, appearing simple at first glance only to reveal an incredible amount of information when intensified through a magnifying glass. 

Lisa was awarded an Artist Residency at the Studios of Key West for March/April 2017 and completed a two year Artist Residency at the Merchandise Mart of Chicago. Dominic Iacono, Director of Syracuse University Galleries, awarded her Best of Show for 2014 Pussy Willows in the Less is More-Small Works Show at the Mitchell Gallery in Annapolis, MD. Jill Conner, New York Art Critic, Curator and Founder of Artists Studios, NYC, awarded Inside of an Iris both the Award of Excellence and the Critic's Choice Award in the 2013 Manhattan Arts International Competition. Inside of an Iris is on the front cover of New York Times Bestseller, Colum McCann's novel, TransAtlantic/European Release, winner of the 2015 D&AD Award of Excellence, London, England. Lisa's art Detail of a Grape Leaf appears on a variety of labels for Encendido Wine, Argentina. The manufacturers of Scratchboard, Ampersand Art Supply, awarded her the 2013 Ampersand Art Material Award and purchased her art for their permanent collection. Lisa was featured on Sergio Gomez' Art NXT Level Projects April 2016 Podcast and in ACS Magazine. 

She participates in exhibitions throughout the United States. Lisa's art is in public and private collections worldwide and she continues to teach workshops to anyone interested in getting lost in mark making.