My hope is that you experience the same senses of wonder that I do while watching my art unfold.

Each series is created by drawing with an X-ACTO blade into boards made of clay and India ink (Scratchbords by Ampersand Art Supply.). 

My Environmental Movement series is heavily influenced by Eco-Psychology, the study of emotional connections between humans and the natural world. My art produces the same sensations of wonder, harmony and timelessness that we experience while connecting with nature.  

Spontaneous Combustion creates the illusion of 3 dimensions by layering line over line. Relying heavily on my discoveries of the natural world, I intertwine abstract shapes with elements from nature creating exciting designs that wind their way across the page.

Interaction and Clearly Interacting are composed of free form figures working together to create a barrier against ignorance and fear. Some of my drawings are done on clear panels, others on scratchboards. All are designed to visually develop multiple layers of interaction.  

Michelangelo once said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” That is how I feel when I begin each black board, as if I am bringing out what already lies within.