"Lisa Goesling is an artist/designer innovative and monumentally endowed with a great talent. Soothsayer in her hand, Durer like virtuosity and sensitivity. Refinement of Alphonse Mucha without implying any comparison or resemblance as its originality is beyond dispute. It has been my great pleasure to meet her. She is a guarantee for the art world, knowing that the tradition of the great classic design (which endures through time) is safe in her prodigious hands. Free from the threats of vulgar, mediocre and extravagant conceptions, which are harmful consequences of fans, intruders and imposters."

Angel Murial: Artist/Spain

"Lisa's amazing art was on exhibit in my Envision Art Gallery in Chicago from Sept - November 2013. This was the last show and it was such a joy to have Lisa bring her beautiful art into my space as a celebration of all that had been accomplished over the years the gallery was open. 

Lisa titled the exhibit, Just Scratching the Surface, which completely speaks to her work as well as the gallery's mission of connecting people to their inner selves and the world around. Lisa's work perfectly supports the belief that we are all works of art and that it takes looking below one's surface self to find one's true beauty. Scratching ever so carefully and revealing a breathtaking image of something alive, beautiful, and full of possibility, is what Lisa's art is all about. 

From meeting Lisa to the end of the show, Lisa's professionalism was remarkable. She worked closely with our gallery assistant, always mindful of the gallery's needs and showed a refreshing ability to be flexible. The selection of art and curating was Lisa's sole decision and the outcome was absolutely flawless. She included a demonstration table so that viewers could get a tactile sense of how her art was created. In addition, she brought a couple of unfinished pieces so attendees could see the process behind her work.

Displaying her wonderful creations is just one part of what Lisa brings to each show. Lisa also brings her authentic self, showing up with positive energy and telling the stories from her heart of how each art piece came to be. She wisely and enthusiastically explains the process behind her work, allowing listeners to connect and come to believe that they too can create once they begin such a process. Viewers walk away from Lisa's art exhibitions with deep lessons learned and a resounding feeling of "yes" to art and future possibilities." 

Julia M. Rahn, Ph.D.: Envision Gallery and Studio for Change/Chicago, Illinois, USA

"The delicacy and refinement of Lisa's work are simply astounding and truly captivating. The unusual medium, requiring mistake free proficiency, comes alive with the depth and complexity of each of her compositions; the color tint processes with inks and pencil are a tribute to Lisa's creative vision and artistry."

Scott Pauli: Collector/Wisconsin, USA

"Lisa is one of the most creative artists I know. Her work is outstanding and hopefully you will enjoy her pieces as much as I do."

Gail Prauss: Owner and President of Gail Prauss Interior Design/Illinois, USA

"Lisa Goesling is an exceptional artist with superior technical and creative talents. As a juror and Director of Manhattan Arts International, it has been a privilege to select her as an award-winning artist. I feel honored to know her and to be acquainted with her artwork."

Renee Phillips: Author, Writer, Blogger, Director & Curator/New York, USA

"The effect appears pencil drawn but has a living, breathing, sculpture-esque dimension emphasized by the black backgrounds, creating a positive and negative space rarely seen in life surrounding floras."

Sawyer J. Lahr: Art Critic/Illinois, USA

"WOW! Unbelievable skill and strength to control the mind during such an intense process! Fantastic talent is rare, thank you Renee Phillips for sharing and giving us all a moment to view and experience such skill and brilliance. To work like Lisa has to with this medium is a constant leap of faith, to let go of judgment while working and creating, a profoundly difficult thing to achieve as an artist in the moment. But once she starts, there is no going back, only forward exposing the image as if in a subtraction-ist method-as if she were sculpting. Just thrilling! I am truly blown away by the skill and control, and the vast freedom that is seen as the images are exposed-stunning! Best to you, Lisa. To the woman with few fears, I imagine, yea again to women and our strength to persevere with such grace! Best  and warmest wishes." 

Shray Friedman: Bronze USA recipient of FIVE RINGS AWARD, Beijing Olympics for the Arts. Award winning International Master Bronze Sculptor/California, USA

"Lisa Goesling is not only a wonderful artist, skillful at her work, but she is also a fabulous teacher. Lisa makes learning art enjoyable and tangible. She is thoughtful about her process and able to explain her work to new learners and collectors. Lisa is also forward thinking for the art industry in working towards helping move Scratch Art into galleries and international collections. Her award winning art is stunning and her story amazing. What a pleasure to get to know her better and write about her work."

Karyn Meyer-Berthel: Artist, Art Material Expert & Art Blogger/New York, USA

"Artist Lisa Goesling has an amazing body of work, with a signature "close look" at nature. Not only technically skilled, Lisa has a great eye for creating appealing work for art lovers. I have often used her website as a wonderful example of how artists should present themselves and their art to the world."

Carolyn Edlund: Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute/Business Consultant/New York, USA

"Lisa is an exceptionally dedicated artist. Her art is magnificent, the best I've ever seen! Her remarkable eye for detail in her work is just fabulous as is her judgment and personality."

Alex Thijssens: Artist, Juror, Adjunct Professor, William Paterson University/New Jersey, USA