Perspective / by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  Pink Flowers by Lisa Goesling                                                

I love when people tell me that my art makes them feel good. It's been likened to receiving a gift of beautiful flowers. I bring a combination of realism and contemporary sensitivities to everything I create. One of my goals is to make my art look as if it is coming off of the page. Layering each petal and leaf makes the viewer sense the actual dimensions that occur in nature


Copyright: Side Sunflower by Lisa Goesling

Choosing to create a different perspective adds interest. If you were to place a sunflower in a vase, you might normally view it face on. Viewing the sunflower from the side and including the 'hairs' on the stem along with the twisting leaves, gives importance to elements that people might not normally notice.

#29 Sunflower 18x16 Scratchbord & Prismacolor Pencils $900.jpg