Experimenting with Orchids / by Lisa Goesling


An art buyer friend who is equally as enthralled with orchids as I am, recommended that I visit Orchids by Hausermann in Villa Park, IL. Strolling through greenhouse after greenhouse filled with every shape, color and pattern you can imagine, absolutely took my breath away! All I could think of was, "how fun would it be to surround yourself with this kind of beauty every day?" The inspiration for this piece came from an orchid filled with buds. It graces my studio and should prove to give me countless opportunities for growth both with the orchid, and in my art. 

Always trying to push the medium, I experimented with different techniques. In this case, I added both black (on the left) and dark purple acrylic paint (on the right) in the background by using an etching tool creating strokes within the wet paint. There is interest on every level, from the details within each flower to the texture of the background.