The End of the Story / by Lisa Goesling

Orchid Bud by Lisa Goesling

Orchid Bud by Lisa Goesling

This single Orchid Bud, no larger than a dime, really intrigued me. There was nothing particularly grand about it when viewed through the naked eye, but once I placed my magnifying glass between my eye and this bud, something truly unexpected occurred. An undulating structure, more brain-like than flower appeared, filled with an array of colors that weren't there a minute ago.

After hours of capturing the twisted layers that formed this tiny bud, I finally had it framed and put on display. 

Normally that would have been the end of it. But not in this case, in this case I knew that there was more to the story. 

Back to the drawing board, I introduced the evolution of an orchid, contrasting the buds tight shapes with the suggestion of a fully realized flower.