Work in Progress and Upcoming Exhibition / by Lisa Goesling

My upcoming solo exhibition at Art NXT Level/33 Contemporary from April 15-May 13 includes three different studies of how I approach line. I am presently working on a series called Spontaneous Combustion. The image at the top is an example on how layering organic lines across a page can actually make the image inhale and exhale. Part of the forty pieces within the show are from my Environmental Movement series, (image on left), which is heavily inspired by Eco-Psychology, the study of emotional connections between individuals and nature. Lastly, Interaction, (image on right), is composed of tightly rendered characters layered on top of each other. At first glance you can't see that they are people interacting, but upon closer inspection, their personalities begin to emerge. All of my art concentrates on line and its ability to draw you in.