The mysteries hiding DEEP within a Milkweed Pod. / by Lisa Goesling

Milkweed Pod by Lisa Goesling

Milkweed Pod by Lisa Goesling

It is crazy how much detail lies within a Milkweed Pod!

One of my favorite parts are the delicate ‘Flyers’, whose fuzzy white puffs carry seeds which ultimately evolve into gorgeous flowers. The scent and colors of the bold Milkweed flowers attract butterflies and other pollinators like honeybees and hummingbirds.

I loved exploring the multiple layers spilling out of the pods. The complex structures both contain and release the secrets hidden deep inside.

There will be a total of ten different pieces of art in this series, all inspired by different elements in the collectors garden. In each case, the art is created on four separate Black Scratchbords® then hinged to create a 3D box that extends 4” from the wall. (The tops and back are blank because they aren’t seen.) All ten boxes will be hung next to each other forming a custom ‘sculptural’ work of art.