Is Spontaneous Combustion Real?  by Lisa Goesling

Is Spontaneous Combustion Real? by Lisa Goesling

Artist and friend, James Deeb, came up with a brilliant solution to the frustration a lot of us are feeling about the present state of our nation. He answered the question, how can artists spread kindness amongst the chaos? James organized an exhibition that gives artists a platform to make a difference through their art. I donated Is Spontaneous Combustion Real? to the upcoming 'Unpresidented' Art Auction in Chicago on Friday, October 27th, 2017. 100% of the proceeds go to Heartland Alliance. They make a huge difference in the lives of refugees and the LGBTQ community.

Just a little background about Is Spontaneous Combustion Real? I created my own rendition of a 'Wall' on the bottom of this piece. On the left side there are rain drops running into a raging flood depicted in the undulating shapes of the half dried up leaf. The tree like structure on the top left side represents the roots of hate that have taken hold, as a snake like shape winds it's way through everything. Knowing that we always need to find a balance, I incorporated elements of beauty throughout. 

MOVING ON by Lisa Goesling by Lisa Goesling

Upcoming Artist Talk/Workshop at Zhou B Art Center

When I first began working with Scratchboards I used to concentrate primarily on images from nature. Lately abstract imagery has become my focus. Moving On is a combination of my fascination with natures' intricate designs and my love of repeating patterns to develop complex structures. Drawing with an X-ACTO knife into boards made of clay and ink enables me to create stark contrast and movement. I am doing a demonstration/workshop today, Wednesday, July 6th at Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, from 6:30-7:00 pm. I don't plan my art so I'll be just as surprised as you watching this piece evolve before our eyes.

(Some of my inspiration: wasp nest, bottom left and leaf eaten away by insects, top right.)