Pure Wonderment by International Master Bronze Sculptor Shray / by Lisa Goesling

WOW, unbelievable skill and strength to control the mind during such an intense process. Fantastic talent is rare, thank you Renee Phillips, (Manhattan Arts International) for sharing-and giving us all a moment to view and experience such skill and brilliance.

To work like Lisa has to do with this medium, is a constant leap of faith, to let go of judgement while working and creating, is a profoundly difficult thing to achieve as an artist in the moment.

But once she starts there is no going back, only forward exposing the image, as if in a subtractionist method —as if she were sculpting. Just thrilling, I am truly blown away by the skill and the control, and the vast freedom that is seen as the images are exposed, stunning!

Best to you, Lisa. To the woman with few fears I would imagine, yeah again for women and our strength to persevere with such grace.

best, warmest wishes,

Shray BronzeUSA, recipient ‘Five Rings Award”

Beijing Olympics-for the arts

Award winning international master bronze sculptor, Shray: Creating Amazing Bronze Sculptures…


International Master Bronze Sculptor, Shray is one of the few working sculptors today who employs the rare Subtractionist technique for creating amazing bronze sculptures.