drawing of dried artichoke

Full Artichoke x 6 by Lisa Goesling

Full Artichoke

I have been studying this prehistoric dried Artichoke for several months, finally creating six 8"x8"panels into a multi faceted work of art. You can see that it was no easy task to fit six panels together, nor getting them to appear together after being scanned. Luckily Gemini Moulding did a fabulous job of mounting and framing them into a perfectly cohesive work of art. Thank you Gemini, for being equally as concerned about paying attention to the details as I am!

Full Artichoke by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Full Artichoke by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Detail of Dried Artichoke by Lisa Goesling

1 0f 8 by Lisa Goesling                     Copyright

My friend Len Upin knows me so well! He saved this dried up artichoke for me from his garden knowing full well that I would fall in love with the details! I am in the process of making eight pieces that fit together to form the whole artichoke. Can't wait for you to take a closer look at the finished piece!