Spontaneous Combustion #38 by Lisa Goesling

Spontaneous Combustion #38 by Lisa Goesling

Spontaneous Combustion #38 by Lisa Goesling

After eating grapes, I looked at the vine and thought, the movement of a bare branch is absolutely stunning. So I started to draw the shape of the vine and used the negative space as a jumping off place for the textures and patterns. My new series, Spontaneous Combustion,   incorporates both my love of nature and my love of design. The details force the viewer to come in close. Leaves and flowers abound mixed with all sorts of patterns that intertwine inviting you to keep searching for more surprises. 

Detail of Spontaneous Combustion #8 by Lisa Goesling

Detail of Spontaneous Combustion #8 by Lisa Goesling

Moving On-Completed by Lisa Goesling

Moving on by Lisa Goesling

Moving on by Lisa Goesling

Detail of Moving On by Lisa Goesling

Detail of Moving On by Lisa Goesling

Another Detail of Moving On by Lisa Goesling

Another Detail of Moving On by Lisa Goesling

My mark making took me on a journey from creating what I thought would be a vertical piece, to one that worked best horizontally. The only thing I planned was to use both found objects and abstract designs...from there I just trusted what would happen as I dragged my X-ACTO knife across the board. From a composition standpoint, I wanted to keep the eye moving yet invite the viewer to stop when landing on something interesting. Subtle textures support the bolder shapes as they glide across the page. The hint of a dragonfly's wings, circular shapes forming a wasps nest on the lower right, even little people that I love to draw, hidden in the gap above the shell like structure on the left. I enjoy completing a piece that looks well thought out even though I simply allowed it be flow. 

3D Cube by Lisa Goesling

Birds Nest in Progress by Lisa Goesling

Birds Nest in Progress by Lisa Goesling

I love finding little gifts waiting for me outside; they become my muse for a few weeks, or in this case several months! A simple birds nest with a few cracked eggs-instantly consuming my thoughts..."how do I capture this?" After photographing the nest from all angles to make certain I had a good representation of it before it disintegrated; I gathered similar materials from the yard, dried up brush, twigs, leaves and pine needles. For this piece, I am using a 2 sided box that is 20"x20" and 6" deep, one side is a black scratchboard, the other white aqua board. You can see how I treated the black side by using an X-Acto knife to draw layers of dried brush. In addition to capturing the movement and delicacy of the materials, I intend to add smaller paintings and black scratchboards to the surface. I like the idea of providing multiple layers of interest and will repeat this technique on the other side with a mix of photography, paintings, drawings and actual brush. 

Mother Nature by Lisa Goesling

Top: Art of a Catkin from a Pussy Willow and a Fingerprint. Bottom: Lacy Leaf and Dragonfly by Lisa Goesling

Top: Art of a Catkin from a Pussy Willow and a Fingerprint. Bottom: Lacy Leaf and Dragonfly by Lisa Goesling

Have you ever noticed how much nature's patterns repeat themselves? I first became truly aware when I was drawing a dragonfly. Not long before, I had completed a black and white scratchboard of a leaf eaten away by bugs. I named it Lacy Leaf because the patterns were so delicate and intricate, just like a fine piece of lace. 

When I began to study the dragonfly, it too had a detailed pattern, much like the leaf. I was stunned by how the same seemingly random shapes fit together to form a majestic dragonfly. 

Just the other day a friend came across one of my scratchboards of Pussy Willows. Her immediate response was, "they look like fingerprints!"

By this point, I was well aware of designs repeating themselves in birds, insects, plants and flowers. What I hadn't considered was that we share similar patterns with the rest of nature. All I had to do was to take a closer look. 

Art In A Residential Setting by Lisa Goesling

What better way to get a sense of how dramatic my art is than to see it in a residential setting. The clean designs grouped together create an exciting statement and you can't help but to come in for a closer look.


My Art by Lisa Goesling

Every artist tells a story. I rarely provide a synopsis about my creations. I count on the visual senses of the the people viewing my art to be activated and inspired. Ultimately it is their words that best describe my art. 

-Lisa Goesling

Multiple Images by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Multiple Images by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

The Nature of Design-Pattern by Lisa Goesling

The Nature of Design-Pattern

Copyright While a bug is different than a rock, their basic patterns are so similar. The repetition of shapes throughout the dragonfly are repeated in the leaves and rock. Shapes, repetition, pattern, line and texture, all fundamental properties of both nature and design.

The Nature of Design-Pattern by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

The Nature of Design-Pattern by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

J/A Magnolias by Lisa Goesling

J/A Magnolias

Thought I would share the final version of J/A Magnolias. It is featured in my interview on the Cable TV Show, Artist to Artist. (Will let you know when it airs.) Twelve  8"x8" panels all flowing together to create a portion of the magnolia tree that resides right outside my front door. 

J/A Magnolias by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

J/A Magnolias by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Full Artichoke x 6 by Lisa Goesling

Full Artichoke

I have been studying this prehistoric dried Artichoke for several months, finally creating six 8"x8"panels into a multi faceted work of art. You can see that it was no easy task to fit six panels together, nor getting them to appear together after being scanned. Luckily Gemini Moulding did a fabulous job of mounting and framing them into a perfectly cohesive work of art. Thank you Gemini, for being equally as concerned about paying attention to the details as I am!

Full Artichoke by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Full Artichoke by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

3 Peppers by Lisa Goesling

3 Peppers by Lisa Goesling         Copyright                                                                                      

Peppers are filled with all sorts of layers, always an invitation for me to explore them further. Their shiny outer shells open to fibrous innards, sometimes filled with a little surprise!

#19 3 Peppers 18x16 Scratchbord &Staedtler Triplus Markers $900.jpg

Blowin' In The Wind by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  Layers of Weeds by Lisa Goesling                                                                                 

I just love the way these weeds dance in the breeze! They are at the mercy of the wind, which ever way it decides to blow, they follow. I varied the amount of pressure with my etching tool enabling me to develop depth and create a constant tension between the these glorious weeds.

Everything is Bigger in Texas by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  Larger Than Life Texas Thistle by Lisa Goesling                                               

I created this piece for an organization called ACT, Artists Changing Tomorrow. It is part of an International Fund Raising event taking place at The Gallery at Round Top, in Texas. What can be huger than changing lives through art? As owner, Karen Vernon so eloquently put it, Learning through the arts not only results in the creation of beautiful works, but contributes to greater academic achievement, higher test scores, and the creative thought that leads nations. Thank you Ralph Arvesen for allowing me to work off of your gorgeous photography. I incorporated both the Texas Thistle into this piece along with the background flowers which are Crow Poison. (They sound a little scary so I left them black and white!)

Deep Into a Flower by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  As Far As The Eye Can See by Lisa Goesling                                                       

This one was a little crazy, it took on a life of it's own. Have you ever looked deep into a flower? They are filled with so many shapes and textures, I got completely lost in the details! 

Before and After by Lisa Goesling

Group of Columbines by Lisa Goesling      Copyright 

These Columbines have an incredible amount of movement, taking turns layering over each other. Working within a square format makes it challenging in terms of composition. I needed to edit just how many flowers would fill the space. Adding a touch of color to the finished piece creates energy without becoming too overpowering.

Group of Columbines BW.jpg

I Love Orchids! by Lisa Goesling

Full Orchid by Lisa Goesling            Copyright                                                                        

Orchids date back 15 to 20 million years. I'd have to live that long to capture every one of the approximately 25,000 varieties! I never grow tired of the minute details and seemingly endless shapes, colors, and designs.


Wispy Weeds by Lisa Goesling

Wispy Weeds by Lisa Goesling     Copyright                                                                                  

The textures of these weeds appealed to me. I spent a long time looking at them through a magnifying glass. They were incredibly delicate and looked happy to be paid attention to. The way the stalks curled around each other added a lot of movement. Concentrating on the source of light made some areas pop while others faded into the background. I love the contrast between the rough texture of the stalks compared to the airy feeling of the flower. That is something nature did, I just tried to replicate it!

Wispy Weeds 72jpg.jpg

Perspective by Lisa Goesling

Sunflower by Lisa Goesling                                        Copyright

Choosing to create a different perspective adds interest. If you were to place a sunflower in a vase, you might normally view it face on. Viewing the sunflower from the side and including the 'hairs' on the stem along with the twisting leaves, gives importance to elements that people might not normally notice.

#29 Sunflower 18x16 Scratchbord & Prismacolor Pencils $900.jpg