Manhattan Arts International:Interview with Artist Lisa Goesling / by Lisa Goesling

Interview with Artist Lisa Goesling

An Exquisite Interplay of Elements that Tell A Story, October 28, 2013

Interview by Renée PhillipsArtwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist’s permission.

Lisa Goesling creates art that is etched out of Black Scratchboard. It is influenced by her strong sense of design, paying close attention to the interplay of shapes, textures, contrast, line, and the focus or ‘story’ of each piece. She is one of six artists awarded a two year Artist’s Residency through the Merchandise Mart and the Chicago Artist’s Coalition. She is a juried artist with Illinois State Museum/Illinois Artisan’s where her art is exhibited in three of their galleries.

That’s not all. Goesling was awarded three top awards through Manhattan Arts International’s “Celebrate the Healing Power of ART” juried competition. Her artwork, “Inside of an Iris” was given an Award of Excellence, a Jill Conner Critic’s Choice Award, and the Ampersand Art Materials Award. More recently, in our “Art that Lifts Our Spirits” Ampersand once again chose her art to receive their special featured artist award. Suffice it to say her extraordinary artistic abilities continuously receive accolades.

A one-person exhibition of her art “Just Scratching the Surface” is currently on view at Envision Art Gallery,  3020 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL, through November 10, 2013.

As one of the many admirers of Lisa Goesling’s talent, it gives me tremendous pleasure to present this interview with her.

RP: Lisa, when did you first become interested in art and why?

LG: Art is ingrained in me. My father was a trained baritone, as well as an attorney, and my mother was a fashion illustrator. I am always singing while creating!

RP: Beyond your family providing the genes and nurturing who or what most influences your chosen style?

I would have to say that the ancient art of Asia is my hugest influence. Gong-bi means “meticulous” in Chinese. By strategically placing brushstrokes and deep colors on a page, detailed stories were told through fine art. Japanese artist Tawaraya Sotatsu of the Edo period, (early 17th century) was influenced by the Chinese. He created detailed scenes of nature on screens that were both functional and beautiful. Tawaraya was known for his repetition of lines and contours creating movement throughout his art. 

RP: What current art work or art project are you working on?

LG: I create seven days a week and generally have about six pieces going at the same time. When one becomes too overwhelming, I take a break and tackle something new. (Unless I am working on a commission, of course.) I just finished working on six 3D vases with hand painted drawings across the surface. Those will go into a show in November. I am currently working on my largest Scratchbord to date, 30”x60”, the working title is "Orchid on Steroids".

Orchid on Steroids by Lisa Goesling. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission. 

Orchid on Steroids by Lisa Goesling. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission. 

RP: Your commitment to your art is admirable. It is no surprise that you won special awards in two Manhattan Arts International juried competitions. What do you consider to be the best and/or most accurate comment you have received about your art?

LG: The one word that I hear most to describe my art is, Exquisite.

RP: Lisa, what do you consider to be the most unique aspects about your art that distinguish it from any other art today?

LG: Most people are intrigued by the details, which begin by my studying nature with a magnifying glass. I tend to break everything down into shapes. How does each element work together to create the whole?

My art is often confused with photography or prints from etchings. I spend a lot of time educating people about my medium, Scratchbord. While we’ve all dabbled with them when we were young, creating my art on boards covered in porcelain clay and India ink hopefully elevates Scratchbord to a completely different level.

I love the delicacy of the details and the dimension developed by layering line over line. One minute I am etching away at the ink, and the next my image magically appears in the clay.

RP: Living in Chicago you have access to great art exhibitions. What artist, work of art or exhibition has had the most significant impact on you and why?

LG: An inspiring exhibition at the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago, called "Awash in Color": French and Japanese Prints" was filled with so much detail and form. It was evident how both cultures were influenced by each other through the beautiful woodblock prints. The Art Institute of Chicago’s exhibition, "Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity" tells the story about how art both influences and is influenced by the world around us. Through the eyes of Caillebotte, Degas, Manet Renoir and Seurat, we see the beauty that inspired them to create.

RP: What advice do you like to offer to an aspiring artist?

LG: Keep trying. I think the biggest difference between a successful artist and one who isn’t, is that the former never gives up. If they don’t get into a show, they pick themselves up and try again. And most importantly, they keep at it. The more art they create, the better their creations. Taking responsibility for our lives and recognizing how fortunate we are to be artists is key.

RP: What advice can you offer a first-time art buyer or aspiring collector?

LG: You hear it all of the time, but you must be inspired by the art/artist. The art should speak to you, and keep speaking. I still hear from people who have bought my art. They tell me that no matter what kind of day they have had, they pass my art on their wall and it makes them feel good.

RP: What upcoming exhibition(s) do you have scheduled for 2013 and/or 2014?

LG: Just Scratching the Surface – Solo Exhibition - Envision Art Gallery,  3020 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL, through November 10, 2013.

Cook County Law Library 50th Anniversary at the Chicago Daley Center, through March 2014. My art is on display at the 29th floor Law Gallery, 50 W. Washington Street, Chicago, IL

Streeterville Artisan Market, Chicago 2013, November 9 – November 10, 2013. Selected to show art at Northwestern University’s Lurie Center, 303 E. Superior Street, Chicago, IL

Beauty and the Beast, Swedish Covenant Hospital, February 1 – 28, 2014, a two-person exhibition with artist Len Upin at the Swedish Covenant Art Gallery, 5140 N. California Avenue, Chicago, IL

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