close up of magnolia flower

Work in Progress by Lisa Goesling

J/A Magnolias

This 24" x 36" piece has been quite a challenge! By trial and error I have learned that these clayboards cannot be too large. Once they get larger than say 18"x18, there is a chance that they may bow or crack. I have one that is 24"x36" that has a few cracks throughout it, after all, it is made of clay. So in order to work in a larger scale, I group several smaller boards together. They come out looking like tiles and I can mount them together to create one cohesive piece. The contrast between the stark background and the creamy white lines is really striking as is evidenced in this Magnolia tree. I am constantly amazed at the shapes of these elegant flowers and how the varied branches overlap each other. Just showed the art buyers who commissioned this piece my progress and they are thrilled!

J/A Magnolias by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

J/A Magnolias by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

J/A Magnolia Top Right by Lisa Goesling

Open Magnolias Top Right by Lisa Goesling                                                                Copyright

Concentrating on movement and depth has been the driving force behind each of the twelve pieces that make up this new Open Magnolias commission. Not every panel will have color, but you can see how adding a rich brown to the branches adds another dimension to the composition. Only eight more to go!


All Year Round by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  Magnolias Up Close by Lisa Goesling                                                                          

I remember drawing these flowers this past spring. They were right outside my front door and blossoming and twisting open right before my eyes. Today is quite the opposite with winter's gray skies and chilly winds. Thanks to nature and my black clayboards,  I can enjoy spring all year round!