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UNFOLDING by Lisa Goesling

Unfolding by Lisa Goesling

Unfolding by Lisa Goesling

I finished this piece just in time. It is one of eighteen works of art that will be on display at the Union League Club of Chicago during the month of September. 

Unfolding measures 36.5" x 15.5" and presented some challenges, as does every creation. I knew that I wanted to add color, but how much color and where? I knew that I wanted to leave some images unfinished to show the process and also wanted to embellish the background. 

Every Artist understands the degree of problem solving that occurs when facing a work of art. Since I don't really plan what is going to happen, I am always surprised by the end product. It is a leap of faith and making mistakes is always part of my process. I love making mistakes because they lead me down a path I would never have considered. 

Here are a few details of Unfolding, you can see some of my decisions, like making one single flower a deeper black than the others, and choosing to paint the flowers a different color than they actually were, allowing their forms to make a stronger statement. 

I hope that you can join us at the opening at the Union League Club's Third Floor Gallery on Thursday, September 7th from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.

Detail of Unfolding by Lisa Goesling

Detail of Unfolding by Lisa Goesling

Detail of Unfolding by Lisa Goesling

Detail of Unfolding by Lisa Goesling

Detail of Unfolding by Lisa Goesling

Detail of Unfolding by Lisa Goesling

Captivating Art: LISA GOESLING-written by Renee LaVerne Rose by Lisa Goesling

Finished Draft by Lisa Goesling

Finished Draft by Lisa Goesling…/…/228-229

For those of you who haven't heard of Renee LaVerne Rose, it won't be long before she becomes a household word. Renee is a powerful supporter of artists worldwide, Director of ACS Gallery, Chicago, and Founder, Publisher, and Editor-In-Chief at ACS Magazine. Her ability to understand what drives an artist comes from her passion for creating her own art. Renee's generous spirit is what led her to interviewing me for ACS Magazine's September/October issue. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks, Renee!

Out With A Bang by Lisa Goesling

'Out With a Bang' captures the spontaneity of my line making as I simply face a black board and begin to draw. The patterns covering the background have a pulsating rhythm that pushes the larger white images right off of the surface. Everything was drawn with an X-ACTO knife into a hard board covered in a layer of clay and India ink, (Ampersand Scratchboard). The very last step was to paint with colored inks over the detailed abstract designs.

Bark by Lisa Goesling

Bark by Lisa Goesling

Bark by Lisa Goesling

I've walked past this incredible tree for twenty-five years. Eastern Cottonwoods have been known to live up to 300 years; who knows how many people have stopped to marvel at this majestic beauty right by the creek, with its deep fissures and subtle colors. I always knew that some day it would become my muse, now is that time. I finally dove in after photographing it from every angle and studying it up close. Capturing the complex structure of the bark with it's multiple layers, sent me on a journey of deep discovery into form and pattern. Bark is one of several pieces that will ultimately make up my birds nest cube 'sculpture'. 

Opus Coleus for BR by Lisa Goesling

Opus Coleus for BR

Opus Coleus for BR

Composition of a Coleus

Composition of a Coleus

My friends, Barbara and Rich, asked to purchase my original Composition of a Coleus. I said that it belonged to someone else, so they commissioned me to create a new one. The finished piece wound up a bit different from my first one in that it has a whole lot less color. In its place you see the process of how layers are developed. By adding just the right amount of color, the shapes build on each other creating a symphony of contrast and patterns. Which is fitting, because their home is filled with music streaming from a sound system that has to be heard to be believed. In addition, no matter where you look you are surrounded by beauty, from their gardens to their incredible art collection. Opus Coleus has found the perfect home. 

Art In A Residential Setting by Lisa Goesling

What better way to get a sense of how dramatic my art is than to see it in a residential setting. The clean designs grouped together create an exciting statement and you can't help but to come in for a closer look.


My Art by Lisa Goesling

Every artist tells a story. I rarely provide a synopsis about my creations. I count on the visual senses of the the people viewing my art to be activated and inspired. Ultimately it is their words that best describe my art. 

-Lisa Goesling

Multiple Images by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Multiple Images by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

One Catkin In Bloom by Lisa Goesling

One Catkin In Bloom

Capturing a single catkin, (the puffy bloom on a pussy willow) right when all of the little buds were exploding was so much fun! I spend a lot of time studying pussy willows. Their fine lines, depth and details are perfect for Scratchbords. Taking a small surface and making a big impression proves that art doesn't have to be huge to be powerful.

One Catkin in Bloom by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

One Catkin in Bloom by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

J/A Magnolias by Lisa Goesling

J/A Magnolias

Thought I would share the final version of J/A Magnolias. It is featured in my interview on the Cable TV Show, Artist to Artist. (Will let you know when it airs.) Twelve  8"x8" panels all flowing together to create a portion of the magnolia tree that resides right outside my front door. 

J/A Magnolias by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

J/A Magnolias by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

J/A Magnolia Top Right by Lisa Goesling

Open Magnolias Top Right by Lisa Goesling                                                                Copyright

Concentrating on movement and depth has been the driving force behind each of the twelve pieces that make up this new Open Magnolias commission. Not every panel will have color, but you can see how adding a rich brown to the branches adds another dimension to the composition. Only eight more to go!


Almost There Sunflower by Lisa Goesling

Almost There Sunflower by Lisa Goesling                                                                  Copyright

Varieties of the ancient sunflower sound like dinosaur names, Helianthus maximiliani, Helianthus tuberoses,  and Tithonia rotunifolia. This one looks prehistoric with it's spiky shapes poking off of the page. I am going to leave it just as it appears giving it a little breathing room.


3 Peppers by Lisa Goesling

3 Peppers by Lisa Goesling         Copyright                                                                                      

Peppers are filled with all sorts of layers, always an invitation for me to explore them further. Their shiny outer shells open to fibrous innards, sometimes filled with a little surprise!

#19 3 Peppers 18x16 Scratchbord &Staedtler Triplus Markers $900.jpg

Everything is Bigger in Texas by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  Larger Than Life Texas Thistle by Lisa Goesling                                               

I created this piece for an organization called ACT, Artists Changing Tomorrow. It is part of an International Fund Raising event taking place at The Gallery at Round Top, in Texas. What can be huger than changing lives through art? As owner, Karen Vernon so eloquently put it, Learning through the arts not only results in the creation of beautiful works, but contributes to greater academic achievement, higher test scores, and the creative thought that leads nations. Thank you Ralph Arvesen for allowing me to work off of your gorgeous photography. I incorporated both the Texas Thistle into this piece along with the background flowers which are Crow Poison. (They sound a little scary so I left them black and white!)

Composition of A Coleus by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  Composition of A Coleus by Lisa Goesling                                                          

These leaves are interesting in and of themselves. Coming in close makes them infinitely more interesting! I tried to capture the variegated leaves with their sharp contrasting reds, greens, yellows, maroons, and purples. They almost appear as if someone has taken a paintbrush to them. Of course, that's what I ultimately did after drawing them!

Before and After by Lisa Goesling

Group of Columbines by Lisa Goesling      Copyright 

These Columbines have an incredible amount of movement, taking turns layering over each other. Working within a square format makes it challenging in terms of composition. I needed to edit just how many flowers would fill the space. Adding a touch of color to the finished piece creates energy without becoming too overpowering.

Group of Columbines BW.jpg

I Love Orchids! by Lisa Goesling

Full Orchid by Lisa Goesling            Copyright                                                                        

Orchids date back 15 to 20 million years. I'd have to live that long to capture every one of the approximately 25,000 varieties! I never grow tired of the minute details and seemingly endless shapes, colors, and designs.


Veggies by Lisa Goesling

Broccoli/Peppers/Garlic by Lisa Goesling     Copyright                                                                                               

Vegetables are so much fun to draw! It is a little tricky getting my etching tool to work with a variety shapes, especially because there is no going back once I etch out a line, but I love the results. By creating lights and darks, (it depends on how much pressure I put on the tool) I can form a clove of garlic, the inside of a pepper and the tiny flowers that evolve into broccoli.

#17 Broccoli 7x5 Scratchbord & Triplus Fineliner Markers.jpg
#21 Garlic 18x16 Scratchboard $900.jpg

Perspective by Lisa Goesling

Sunflower by Lisa Goesling                                        Copyright

Choosing to create a different perspective adds interest. If you were to place a sunflower in a vase, you might normally view it face on. Viewing the sunflower from the side and including the 'hairs' on the stem along with the twisting leaves, gives importance to elements that people might not normally notice.

#29 Sunflower 18x16 Scratchbord & Prismacolor Pencils $900.jpg