Mother Nature by Lisa Goesling

Top: Art of a Catkin from a Pussy Willow and a Fingerprint. Bottom: Lacy Leaf and Dragonfly by Lisa Goesling

Top: Art of a Catkin from a Pussy Willow and a Fingerprint. Bottom: Lacy Leaf and Dragonfly by Lisa Goesling

Have you ever noticed how much nature's patterns repeat themselves? I first became truly aware when I was drawing a dragonfly. Not long before, I had completed a black and white scratchboard of a leaf eaten away by bugs. I named it Lacy Leaf because the patterns were so delicate and intricate, just like a fine piece of lace. 

When I began to study the dragonfly, it too had a detailed pattern, much like the leaf. I was stunned by how the same seemingly random shapes fit together to form a majestic dragonfly. 

Just the other day a friend came across one of my scratchboards of Pussy Willows. Her immediate response was, "they look like fingerprints!"

By this point, I was well aware of designs repeating themselves in birds, insects, plants and flowers. What I hadn't considered was that we share similar patterns with the rest of nature. All I had to do was to take a closer look. 

New Series by Lisa Goesling

I am beginning a new series called Veggies, the first of which is the top of a Beet. I am pretty excited about mixing Colored Inks with the Black scratchboard. The backgrounds will all be covered in Black Enamel Paint creating the texture and depth of soil. 

Top of Beet by Lisa Goesling

Top of Beet by Lisa Goesling

All Year Round by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  Magnolias Up Close by Lisa Goesling                                                                          

I remember drawing these flowers this past spring. They were right outside my front door and blossoming and twisting open right before my eyes. Today is quite the opposite with winter's gray skies and chilly winds. Thanks to nature and my black clayboards,  I can enjoy spring all year round!

Deep Into a Flower by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  As Far As The Eye Can See by Lisa Goesling                                                       

This one was a little crazy, it took on a life of it's own. Have you ever looked deep into a flower? They are filled with so many shapes and textures, I got completely lost in the details! 

Small Wonder by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  Small Dahlia by Lisa Goesling                                                                               

I look at this flower and marvel at how the pink outlined petals create a constant movement of shapes, sizes and patterns. I continue to be surprised by the interplay that occurs within a single element in nature.

Detailed Thistle by Lisa Goesling

Thistle Large. by Lisa Goesling                                                                        Copyright

Thistles are made up of fine hairs that balloon out, giving the appearance of soft down. Etching lines in this medium enables me to make strokes that appear to fly off of the page. One of my artistic goals is to engage the viewer into exploring what occurs on a microscopic level.

Thistle 5x7 16x18 Scratchbord.jpg