Jigsaw Experiment by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  3D Thistle by Lisa Goesling                                                                                          

I have been intrigued with using Black Claybords as sculpture. They have a bit of depth to them both by their very nature and by creating dimension through line. I haven't used a jigsaw in years, but going around the Thistle was easier than I thought it would be. Can you notice that I even went around the little hairs at the top? Now I know I can achieve this technique, can't wait to apply it to my next piece of art!

Everything is Bigger in Texas by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  Larger Than Life Texas Thistle by Lisa Goesling                                               

I created this piece for an organization called ACT, Artists Changing Tomorrow. It is part of an International Fund Raising event taking place at The Gallery at Round Top, in Texas. What can be huger than changing lives through art? As owner, Karen Vernon so eloquently put it, Learning through the arts not only results in the creation of beautiful works, but contributes to greater academic achievement, higher test scores, and the creative thought that leads nations. Thank you Ralph Arvesen for allowing me to work off of your gorgeous photography. I incorporated both the Texas Thistle into this piece along with the background flowers which are Crow Poison. (They sound a little scary so I left them black and white!)