Multiple Lilies by Lisa Goesling

Multiple Lilies by Lisa Goesling

Multiple Lilies by Lisa Goesling

My goal is to tell nature’s stories. Fine lines form these delicate buds giving us no indication of what surprises await. Then suddenly we are greeted with a burst of energy of brightly colored petals, some upon closer inspection are filled with every color in the rainbow. These powerful images soon evolve into shriveled up silhouettes complete with their own mysteries. They twist and turn creating a beautiful ending to their compelling story. 

Deep Into a Flower by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  As Far As The Eye Can See by Lisa Goesling                                                       

This one was a little crazy, it took on a life of it's own. Have you ever looked deep into a flower? They are filled with so many shapes and textures, I got completely lost in the details! 

Almost Spring by Lisa Goesling

Copyright: Orange Yellow Flowers by Lisa Goesling                                                                  

Spring is just around the corner and just like you, I cannot wait! I love how the black background makes these flowers pop right off of the page


Copyright: Queen Ann's Lace by Lisa Goesling

Before you know it there will be hundreds of these cropping up everywhere. Forget that they are common and just appreciate their presence. They reach out with tiny flowers that seem to say, hope I made your day! Capturing them on the page enables me to enjoy them all year round! Hope I made your day!