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Opus Coleus for BR by Lisa Goesling

Opus Coleus for BR

Opus Coleus for BR

Composition of a Coleus

Composition of a Coleus

My friends, Barbara and Rich, asked to purchase my original Composition of a Coleus. I said that it belonged to someone else, so they commissioned me to create a new one. The finished piece wound up a bit different from my first one in that it has a whole lot less color. In its place you see the process of how layers are developed. By adding just the right amount of color, the shapes build on each other creating a symphony of contrast and patterns. Which is fitting, because their home is filled with music streaming from a sound system that has to be heard to be believed. In addition, no matter where you look you are surrounded by beauty, from their gardens to their incredible art collection. Opus Coleus has found the perfect home. 

Art In A Residential Setting by Lisa Goesling

What better way to get a sense of how dramatic my art is than to see it in a residential setting. The clean designs grouped together create an exciting statement and you can't help but to come in for a closer look.


My Art by Lisa Goesling

Every artist tells a story. I rarely provide a synopsis about my creations. I count on the visual senses of the the people viewing my art to be activated and inspired. Ultimately it is their words that best describe my art. 

-Lisa Goesling

Multiple Images by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Multiple Images by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Deep Into a Flower by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  As Far As The Eye Can See by Lisa Goesling                                                       

This one was a little crazy, it took on a life of it's own. Have you ever looked deep into a flower? They are filled with so many shapes and textures, I got completely lost in the details! 

Veggies by Lisa Goesling

Broccoli/Peppers/Garlic by Lisa Goesling     Copyright                                                                                               

Vegetables are so much fun to draw! It is a little tricky getting my etching tool to work with a variety shapes, especially because there is no going back once I etch out a line, but I love the results. By creating lights and darks, (it depends on how much pressure I put on the tool) I can form a clove of garlic, the inside of a pepper and the tiny flowers that evolve into broccoli.

#17 Broccoli 7x5 Scratchbord & Triplus Fineliner Markers.jpg
#21 Garlic 18x16 Scratchboard $900.jpg