close-up vegetables

New Series by Lisa Goesling

I am beginning a new series called Veggies, the first of which is the top of a Beet. I am pretty excited about mixing Colored Inks with the Black scratchboard. The backgrounds will all be covered in Black Enamel Paint creating the texture and depth of soil. 

Top of Beet by Lisa Goesling

Top of Beet by Lisa Goesling

Veggies by Lisa Goesling

Broccoli/Peppers/Garlic by Lisa Goesling     Copyright                                                                                               

Vegetables are so much fun to draw! It is a little tricky getting my etching tool to work with a variety shapes, especially because there is no going back once I etch out a line, but I love the results. By creating lights and darks, (it depends on how much pressure I put on the tool) I can form a clove of garlic, the inside of a pepper and the tiny flowers that evolve into broccoli.

#17 Broccoli 7x5 Scratchbord & Triplus Fineliner Markers.jpg
#21 Garlic 18x16 Scratchboard $900.jpg