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A Single 'Shroom by Lisa Goesling

A Single 'Shroom by Lisa Goesling

A Single 'Shroom by Lisa Goesling

I am not sure how many hours went into this piece. It's been breathing in my studio for a while. There are always questions lying somewhere in my subconscious, do I leave out some of my subject, if so, how much? Does it tell the whole story without the whole mushroom? Is it necessary to add color? Is it more powerful black and white? What about the background, add a soil like texture to contrast the smooth lines? Every artist constantly deals with editing questions along the way, knowing that each choice takes them down a different path. Since I don't sketch my art first, I never really know which direction I am going until I know that I have arrived. 

Mother Nature by Lisa Goesling

Top: Art of a Catkin from a Pussy Willow and a Fingerprint. Bottom: Lacy Leaf and Dragonfly by Lisa Goesling

Top: Art of a Catkin from a Pussy Willow and a Fingerprint. Bottom: Lacy Leaf and Dragonfly by Lisa Goesling

Have you ever noticed how much nature's patterns repeat themselves? I first became truly aware when I was drawing a dragonfly. Not long before, I had completed a black and white scratchboard of a leaf eaten away by bugs. I named it Lacy Leaf because the patterns were so delicate and intricate, just like a fine piece of lace. 

When I began to study the dragonfly, it too had a detailed pattern, much like the leaf. I was stunned by how the same seemingly random shapes fit together to form a majestic dragonfly. 

Just the other day a friend came across one of my scratchboards of Pussy Willows. Her immediate response was, "they look like fingerprints!"

By this point, I was well aware of designs repeating themselves in birds, insects, plants and flowers. What I hadn't considered was that we share similar patterns with the rest of nature. All I had to do was to take a closer look. 

Art In A Residential Setting by Lisa Goesling

What better way to get a sense of how dramatic my art is than to see it in a residential setting. The clean designs grouped together create an exciting statement and you can't help but to come in for a closer look.


My Art by Lisa Goesling

Every artist tells a story. I rarely provide a synopsis about my creations. I count on the visual senses of the the people viewing my art to be activated and inspired. Ultimately it is their words that best describe my art. 

-Lisa Goesling

Multiple Images by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Multiple Images by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Cropping by Lisa Goesling

Copyright: Orange Tulips by Lisa Goesling

By not focusing directly on the flowers, it adds interest to the entire composition. People expect the flowers to be the star, I like to give the viewer more than what is expected. The leaves interact with the orange flowers bringing your eye right into the art and the rich tones add a stately elegance to the tulips.

Detailed Thistle by Lisa Goesling

Thistle Large. by Lisa Goesling                                                                        Copyright

Thistles are made up of fine hairs that balloon out, giving the appearance of soft down. Etching lines in this medium enables me to make strokes that appear to fly off of the page. One of my artistic goals is to engage the viewer into exploring what occurs on a microscopic level.

Thistle 5x7 16x18 Scratchbord.jpg

Wispy Weeds by Lisa Goesling

Wispy Weeds by Lisa Goesling     Copyright                                                                                  

The textures of these weeds appealed to me. I spent a long time looking at them through a magnifying glass. They were incredibly delicate and looked happy to be paid attention to. The way the stalks curled around each other added a lot of movement. Concentrating on the source of light made some areas pop while others faded into the background. I love the contrast between the rough texture of the stalks compared to the airy feeling of the flower. That is something nature did, I just tried to replicate it!

Wispy Weeds 72jpg.jpg

Veggies by Lisa Goesling

Broccoli/Peppers/Garlic by Lisa Goesling     Copyright                                                                                               

Vegetables are so much fun to draw! It is a little tricky getting my etching tool to work with a variety shapes, especially because there is no going back once I etch out a line, but I love the results. By creating lights and darks, (it depends on how much pressure I put on the tool) I can form a clove of garlic, the inside of a pepper and the tiny flowers that evolve into broccoli.

#17 Broccoli 7x5 Scratchbord & Triplus Fineliner Markers.jpg
#21 Garlic 18x16 Scratchboard $900.jpg

Perspective by Lisa Goesling

Sunflower by Lisa Goesling                                        Copyright

Choosing to create a different perspective adds interest. If you were to place a sunflower in a vase, you might normally view it face on. Viewing the sunflower from the side and including the 'hairs' on the stem along with the twisting leaves, gives importance to elements that people might not normally notice.

#29 Sunflower 18x16 Scratchbord & Prismacolor Pencils $900.jpg