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Study for 3D Cube by Lisa Goesling

Materials to study for adding to 3D Cube

Materials to study for adding to 3D Cube

Study of dried brush materials for 3D Cube by Lisa Goesling

Study of dried brush materials for 3D Cube by Lisa Goesling

I am in the process of studying materials I've collected for my 20"x20"x6" 3D Cube project. Small paintings like this one will be mounted on both the scratchboard and mixed media sides of the cube. It's a bit of a diversion for me to re-explore the world of paint after concentrating on scratchboard for so long. The challenge always comes down to editing; what to leave in, what to leave out, capturing the very essence of the story. 

Mother Nature by Lisa Goesling

Top: Art of a Catkin from a Pussy Willow and a Fingerprint. Bottom: Lacy Leaf and Dragonfly by Lisa Goesling

Top: Art of a Catkin from a Pussy Willow and a Fingerprint. Bottom: Lacy Leaf and Dragonfly by Lisa Goesling

Have you ever noticed how much nature's patterns repeat themselves? I first became truly aware when I was drawing a dragonfly. Not long before, I had completed a black and white scratchboard of a leaf eaten away by bugs. I named it Lacy Leaf because the patterns were so delicate and intricate, just like a fine piece of lace. 

When I began to study the dragonfly, it too had a detailed pattern, much like the leaf. I was stunned by how the same seemingly random shapes fit together to form a majestic dragonfly. 

Just the other day a friend came across one of my scratchboards of Pussy Willows. Her immediate response was, "they look like fingerprints!"

By this point, I was well aware of designs repeating themselves in birds, insects, plants and flowers. What I hadn't considered was that we share similar patterns with the rest of nature. All I had to do was to take a closer look. 

Art In A Residential Setting by Lisa Goesling

What better way to get a sense of how dramatic my art is than to see it in a residential setting. The clean designs grouped together create an exciting statement and you can't help but to come in for a closer look.


Artist to Artist Pussy Willow by Lisa Goesling

Artist to Artist Pussy Willow 

I demonstrated my Scratchbord technique on the show Artist to Artist back in November. Concentrating on the details, I drew a small portion of a Pussy willow. I finally had the opportunity to complete the piece and as host Enid Silverman said, "you sure can create a lot of drama with this medium!".

Artist to Artist Pussy Willow by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Artist to Artist Pussy Willow by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

The Nature of Design-Pattern by Lisa Goesling

The Nature of Design-Pattern

Copyright While a bug is different than a rock, their basic patterns are so similar. The repetition of shapes throughout the dragonfly are repeated in the leaves and rock. Shapes, repetition, pattern, line and texture, all fundamental properties of both nature and design.

The Nature of Design-Pattern by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

The Nature of Design-Pattern by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Simple Elegance by Lisa Goesling

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is a study in contrasts, not just how the tiny white flowers are enveloped by large green leaves, but from a medicinal standpoint. While it contains glycosides that can produce irregular heartbeat and upset stomach, it is also a formidable brain, lymph and heart herb used to create several drugs. Lily of the Valley has proved successful in treating patients recovering from strokes, in soothing nerves, reducing blood pressure, curing headaches and as a remedy for treating burns! I guess that you can say that it lowered my blood pressure, getting lost in the beautiful shapes. I hope that it does the same for you!

Lily of the Valley by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Lily of the Valley by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Split Orchid by Lisa Goesling

Orchid Part One and Two

I decided to take a vertical approach to this piece by taking two separate 11"x14" boards creating one piece of art. Each section of Orchid Part One and Two works separately as well as a unit. I apologize for the loss of detail. I typically scan my work into the computer but these were just a bit too large to scan. That left me with photographing the art which as you can see, isn't my strong point! Lost pretty much all of the detail, but I assure is there! What isn't lost is the movement, the glorious shapes and the range of tones creating depth and beauty throughout. Enjoy!

Orchid Part One and Two by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Orchid Part One and Two by Lisa Goesling-Copyright

Pussy Willow Weed Study by Lisa Goesling

Pussy Willow/Weed Study by Lisa Goesling             Copyright

I have been working on this one for some time. I believe that I presently have about eleven pieces in the works. It keeps each of them fresh and makes me concentrate on a variety of different perspectives. I call this one Puss Willow/Weed Study because I have spent a long time studying the different elements as well as the fact that I am treating this as a study. It may turn into several smaller pieces, perhaps cropped in different compositions. This one is unusually large, 30" x 40". I don't typically work this size because the boards tend to crack from the weight of the clay when they get too big . I think I am going to add just a bit of subtle color and leave some of the shapes simply outlined. I always love your comments, what do you think?

Weed Study.jpg

Shadow Box by Lisa Goesling

In the Shadows by Lisa Goesling         Copyright                                                                              

I love this time of year, nature is so stark, just like my art. Movement and mood were established in this piece by varying line weight and the point of view of each element. I began by flipping over an old frame, staining the wood to achieve a warm glow and then 'etching' out puss willows. Tension was created by contrasting the quiet tone of the background with the bold Black Claybords. By layering the art and using a jig saw to cut around the edge of the Thistle, I achieved my goal of creating dimension through flat materials. Sculpting a 3D Puss Willow out of volcanic ash to match the white layer of clay in the Claybords added the finishing touch to this composition.


Blowin' In The Wind by Lisa Goesling

Copyright:  Layers of Weeds by Lisa Goesling                                                                                 

I just love the way these weeds dance in the breeze! They are at the mercy of the wind, which ever way it decides to blow, they follow. I varied the amount of pressure with my etching tool enabling me to develop depth and create a constant tension between the these glorious weeds.

Flight by Lisa Goesling

Dragonfly by Lisa Goesling            Copyright                                                                            

I am lucky enough to reap the benefits of drawing this creature that my friend Renee photographed. Can you believe the amount of detail and design that is involved in these delicate insects? Perfect for this medium! Those beautiful transparent wings dotted with gorgeous patterns are actually quite strong. Dragonflies have been clocked flying almost 60 mph!


Detailed Thistle by Lisa Goesling

Thistle Large. by Lisa Goesling                                                                        Copyright

Thistles are made up of fine hairs that balloon out, giving the appearance of soft down. Etching lines in this medium enables me to make strokes that appear to fly off of the page. One of my artistic goals is to engage the viewer into exploring what occurs on a microscopic level.

Thistle 5x7 16x18 Scratchbord.jpg